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Make smart
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Investment decisions based on pure, rock-solid data

Unlock your potential
not your data

Airtight security protocols & encryption to keep your data fully safe

Easy to invest,
easy to use

It can't get easier than this. Easy to pick stocks & easy to track investments

Stocks, note your new address

Bring all your stocks from different brokerage accounts onto inwestr. Single login, single home. Things are better together.

IRR is the key to higher ROI

If there’s one metric that shows the truest performance of your investments it’s the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Our smart tech does all the work so you can know your IRR at one glance.

Try before you buy

Practise your investing game before you start trading for real with our simulator. Have all the fun at zero risk.


See it to believe it

Smart visualizations for each company gives you a compact, accurate snapshot of its overall performance over the years. Intelligent investments are made of these.


The company you keep matters

An in-built social network to cut out the noise and focus on the people who really know their stuff. Great conversations (and investments) begin here.

Instant notifications anywhere anytime

Banish FOMO with real-time notifications about your watchlisted companies. Make proactive investments and stay ahead.

Invest the right way

Effortlessly follow market gurus and institutional investors. Watch and learn the right moves.

No compromise on privacy

inwestr has security and privacy baked into every layer of its code. Your data is perfectly safe with us.

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Glad to see that someone has finally entered the social wealth space and turning into much more than just a dull version



I am a premium subscriber of your wealthbox. Your effort is excellent, and the pricing is best for small investors



I have recently signed up on your platform as I am really impressed with the idea of something called investor’s social network



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